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Your challenges are unique – just like your surrounding area, clients, partners and goals. We at DN Soft (IGPD.NET) know that and focus to be like extension to your team.  Your chalanges and goals become ours. WebDesign, Software, Google and Facebook Ads, IT Consultations, SEO.

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Our Features


Modern Design

Using the newest and established technologies, we are offering modern and fashion design for your website.

Mobile optimization

Today more then 50% of the web traffic is through mobile devices, so your website or online shop must be ready for your customer’s demands.

Easy And Intuitive Design

Nevertheless if we talk about website, online shop or software, the final product must be easy and intuitive for the users and for that reason, we will give you the product you deserve.  

Facebook, Google Ads

We use Facebook and Google Ads to help you reach more customers and grow your business. 

SEO Optimization

With SEO optimization we will help your site to visualize on the front rows on the search engines.



Our software came with complete documentation and its updated regularly.


Our Clients

With more then 18 years behind our backs in the IT industry, we have experience in different areas thanks to our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Because of the vast IT development and the necessity of modern and up to date solutions connected to hardware, software and online branding, we at DN Soft are obliged to offer our customers complete IT solution to grow their business, achieve more profits and better customer experience.


Who Are We?

We at DN Soft are small and united team with 18 years of experience and work tirelessly for our customers and we are not afraid to use the newest technologies to achieve our customer demands.

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